Just In Time Inventory Support For RF Connectors & Adapters

Maintaining an accurate inventory of products and components is a delicate balancing act that takes significant time and financial investment. We can support our customers by offering a “Just in Time” RF connector and adapter inventory program. Our JIT Inventory programs take the burden off our customers, providing cost-savings, decreasing storage needs, and increasing flexibility of product offerings.

Save with JIT Inventory

Just in Time inventory programs enable your company to move away from the stockpiling of products caused by a “Just in Case” mentality.

  • By only keeping immediate-need components on hand and setting up an inventory support system to get products as needed, you save money by only paying for product as you need it.
  • Rather than spending time managing, evaluating, and tracking inventory, have Connectronics do the work for you.
  • Free up space in your facility by only keeping the RF connector components on hand you need right away.

At Connectronics, our centrally-located domestic facility enables us to provide significant value for our customers. By having our manufacturing facility located in the U.S., we can shorten lead times for product delivery and quickly adapt to manufacture the RF connector parts our customers need right away. Find out how JIT Inventory support from Connectronics can provide substantial savings for your company.

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