Custom RF + Microwave Connector Product Design

We provide solutions to your most difficult RF + Microwave connector and adapter design challenges. Many off-the-shelf connectors and adapters won’t quite fit for unique projects or new designs. At Connectronics, we offer custom connector and adapter product design and manufacturing solutions to create components that properly match project specifications.

Custom Fabricated Components

At Connectronics, we provide standard and custom RF connectors and adapters primarily in the DC to 18 GHz range (some designs perform at higher frequencies). Many customers often come to us looking for unique, odd, obsolete, or difficult connector and adapter designs. We provide design and engineering solutions to create components expertly manufactured to accurately fit end-user requirements. A custom connector is considered a variant of a standard connector design or a unique design that does not currently exist. We are capable of handling both types of custom connector product requests.

Unusual Requirements & Design Modifications

Whether you are interested in a slight modification to adapt an existing RF connector or adapter for a specific purpose or you need to create a new RF connector with unique specifications, Connectronics can deliver. We are able to accommodate unique requests because we have in-house engineering, manufacturing and assembly operations. Since all of our employees are on site in our U.S. facility, we are able to quickly communicate requirements and modify production levels to meet your needs, while carefully controlling quality standards.