Standard RF Connectors and Adapters

Connectronics has been designing and manufacturing custom and standard RF + Microwave connectors and adapters used for coaxial, twinaxial and triaxial applications since 1985 in the U.S.A. While many of our parts are custom-designed, we do have a comprehensive assortment of standard RF connectors and adapters available. We also have a selection of high-precision machined components including contacts, housings, insulators, and other special-use parts manufactured to customer specifications. Check out our standard series assortment below.

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  • 7/16 Connectors

  • 75 OHM Connectors

  • Adapters

  • Blind Mate Connectors

  • BNC Connectors

  • C Connectors

  • CM Connectors

  • HN Connectors

  • LC Connectors

  • MCX Connectors

  • MHV Connectors

  • MMCX Connectors

  • N Connectors

  • SC Connectors

  • SHV Connectors

  • SMA Connectors

  • SMB / SMC Connectors

  • SMP Connectors

  • SSMA Connectors

  • SSMB / SSMC Connectors

  • TNC Connectors

  • TPS Connectors

  • Triax Connectors

  • Twinax connectors

  • UHF / Mini-UHF Connectors