Testing & RF Components

Accurate testing devices and RF + Microwave components require high-functioning and consistently performing components and parts. We provide standard and custom designed RF components and adapters for various testing purposes.

RF Components for Use in Testing Applications

Since 1985, we have been manufacturing RF components for use in a variety of testing applications. Every part we manufacture includes certification that we are an original component manufacturer producing parts in our facility located in Edinburgh, Indiana. Other important aspects of our components that benefit companies in the testing and RF component industry include:

  • We customize mounting geometries to accommodate unique and hard-to-fit OEM designs.
  • Our designs can be modified to include low-PIM performance, a form of intermodulation distortion that can occur even when no active components are present.
  • Tri-Metal and non-magnetic plating finishes can be included in a custom designed part that will be used to test other RF components.
  • A wide selection of quick disconnect adapters are available. These quick disconnect adapters help to improve testing process cycle times in production environments.
  • Ergonomic designs to reduce hand fatigue from multiple mating cycles or ‘hard to reach’ applications.
  • Blind mate or floating test connectors for automated, high-volume testing.

Testing and RF components require specific qualities in order to effectively test and record accurate data. At Connectronics, if we do not have a standard RF connector to meet your testing needs, we are able to create and manufacture a specialized component based on your unique end-use requirements.

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