Telecom Connectors

The uninterrupted exchange of information and data is vital. Active and passive components rely on high performing components and parts that are built to perform consistently and last. We’ve been designing and producing high performance, durable, quality RF connectors and adapters for the Telecommunications industry since 1985.

Telecom Connectors and Parts

Accurate and continuous transmission of information is essential for commercial, military, and many consumer applications. All standard and custom components we manufacture are produced domestically, in our facility in Edinburgh, Indiana. In addition to offering original manufacturer certifications, we offer the following design customizations for components created specifically for Telecommunications purposes:

  • Designs can be altered to accommodate unique or custom cable sizes.
  • We can create prototype designs to test, refine, and further customize designs to performance specifications.
  • Standard and non-standard designs can be adapted for low-PIM (passive intermodulation) performance or non-magnetic applications.

Don’t modify your project to fit the components available. Modify the design of the components to ensure the highest level of performance for your project. Our engineers work with you to get the right standard components or design completely custom parts to ensure your equipment is dependable and performs according to specifications.

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