Medical Connectors

Connectronics offers a wide range of standard and custom RF connectors for use in medical grade applications and devices. We have a large selection of standard connectors and adapters for medical use, as well as the ability to design custom connectors and parts for new applications.

Components for Medical Equipment

Advancements in medical devices and data transmission techniques require continuous innovations in RF connector and adapter design and technology. Additionally, components used for medical applications require rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure safe usage. At Connectronics, our manufacturing facility is located in Indiana to allow for full control of quality and production of all components. We offer standard RF connectors and adapters for medical grade use, as well as custom designed components with the following features:

  • Non-magnetic materials and plating finishes are available, such as Tri-Metal or white bronze, to reduce potential magnetic interference and improve equipment performance.
  • Low-PIM performance (Passive intermodulation)
  • Original component manufacturer certification provided as needed.

We understand the significance of only using high quality, high performing parts in medical equipment. Our standard and custom medical connectors are manufactured in an American facility following standards compliant with the critical nature of medical equipment and devices.

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