Aerospace Connectors

At Connectronics, we have extensive experience creating standard and custom RF + Microwave connectors, adapters and components for the Aerospace industry. Our engineers work closely with customers to produce components with the proper specifications that ensure high performance for air and space applications.

Solutions for Aerospace Companies

Often, we may not have details about the end use of the custom component, but we can offer a variety of design modifications to meet exact product specifications. All components and parts are manufactured in our U.S. facility and original manufacturing certificates are available for everything we produce. Below are several of the many modifications available for standard and custom parts designed for Aerospace applications:

  • Custom designs can include hermetic seals to control leakage through a connector in pressurized environments.
  • We offer 100% Helium leak testing to certify leak performance, when necessary.
  • Weatherproof and pressurized designs, conforming to the IP67 or IP68 requirements, are available for custom components.
  • NADCAP-certified plating is available if required to meet industry requirements.
  • Various O-ring and sealing materials are available for specific applications.

We are able to accommodate many custom design modifications for RF connectors and adapters. We’ll connect you with a Connectronics Representative to determine the proper design and plating specifications to ensure high performance of your custom Aerospace connectors and adapters.

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